There’s nothing like the great feeling of having refurbished offices. Everything is brand new and clean, all the IT stuff works and those broken old chairs are gone, well maybe not gone but they’re definitely not being used.

As with many renovation projects you could be left with a huge pile of stuff you just don’t need anymore, and getting rid of it can be a logistical nightmare. You don’t have the time to take it all down to a skip, but at the same time it’s taking up space in what could be your new conference room. It needs to go and it needs to go fast.

At Affordable Junk Removal, we get it. You need a good clean company to take away all your old office supplies, but you also need to be associated with a clean disposal company. You don’t want any corporate branded items turning up at the local landfill site when some of it should have been recycled. This is why we believe in ethical junk removal. It’s one of our core business ideologies.

Perhaps you’re moving into a new place and need to clear out your old office space before handing over the keys. We specialize in office cleanouts, we can get in there and take away all the unnecessary furniture and computer equipment, we won’t leave anything behind. Then after we’ve collected all the items you don’t need anymore, the space will be clear and perfectly suited for your cleaners to come in and give it a final polish before you leave for the last time.

Whatever the reason you need our services, we are diligent and professional. With our same day service you can be sure that we’ll be there when we say we will and provide you with a service that is professional and ethical. We’ll give you an estimate and then provide you with a final quote when we arrive on the agreed day. All our quotes are obligation free, but as being the least expensive junk removal company is our goal, we believe you’ll be happy with our offer.

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